Altrucoin Week 4 Recap

We finished the fourth week since launch at Altrucoin. While the dip in the crypto market continues to affect everybody, we are excited for the developments in the project. We continue to use the time to prepare for the surges going forward and to develop features in the project. Below is a recap of some of the major updates from week four:

Moderator Transition

With the activity in our Discord and Telegram channels, we want to make sure that all questions can be answered and we can stay engaged with all the coin holders. We have promoted a few of the moderators to paid positions in these channels to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. We still have many volunteer moderators that are very active and continue to help us on that front as well.

Staking Reveal

If you haven’t heard already, our development team has been working hard on implementing staking for Altrucoin. We are proud to announce that it will be released on July 9th, 2021. There will be an article with in-depth details coming soon, or you can check out our AMA where we answered community questions on the topic.

Site Translation

We are happy to have coin holders from all over the world. While this project originally started from people with English as their native language, it has grown well beyond that. We are working on translations for the website into Spanish and French currently, and will be translating into other languages in the future as well. If you have a request for a specific language, let us know through our social media!

Commemorative NFT

As a thank you to our community, we are going to be releasing commemorative NFTs for major events. With staking being released, we will have two NFTs that will be released along with it! There will be an article with in-depth details coming soon on how users will be decided.

Charity Voting

This round of voting for charities was focused on mental health. The winner of this round was Mental Health America, and we are in discussion with them on getting the donation ready.

YouTube Videos

We are working hard to spread the word on Altrucoin and make information as accessible as possible. We started development of informational videos to post on the channel. This includes details about staking as well as some information that new investors might be interested in.


CoinMarketCap responded to our application and let us know that they would like to see a larger coin holder number. With the marketing push and staking being released, we expect the number of holders to increase and bring us towards that goal. We are continuing to look at other listings during this process.

Content creation

We have been working on creating graphics and videos for major announcements to boost engagement and activity.

Regular AMAs

We are continuing our Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to answer any questions that the community has. Come join us on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube to see them live.




Altrucoin is a DeFi as a service platform designed to add features to any BSC token. Visit the altrucoin medium page at

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Altrucoin is a DeFi as a service platform designed to add features to any BSC token. Visit the altrucoin medium page at

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