Altrucoin Week 3 Recap

We just finished up the third week since launch at Altrucoin. There was a pretty major dip in the crypto market with some of the global announcements, and every token was affected, Altrucoin included. We are using the time to prepare for the surges going forward so we can hit the ground running as the market corrects itself. Below is a recap of some of the major updates from week three:

Discord Improvements

While not as big as our Telegram community right now, our Discord community is slowly growing and has really good engagement. We see new questions and discussions every day, and want to reward those active members. We added a few new channels, as well as changed the way that leveling works in anticipation for future growth.

Staking Development

If you haven’t heard already, our development team has been working hard on implementing staking for Altrucoin. We are making good progress, and hope to release it in the near future, once we are fully confident and have thoroughly tested it.

Team Expansion

The project has grown a lot since the original idea, and as such we have had to expand the team. We have brought on new people, added mods, and added to the development team to make sure we keep pushing forward.

Commemorative NFT

As a thank you to our community, we are going to be releasing commemorative NFTs for major events. We are still hammering out the details, but want to incorporate both giveaways and charity in the process. Stay tuned for more details!

Charity Voting

This round of voting for charities is focused on mental health. Voting is almost complete, so make sure to go vote if you haven’t already.

YouTube Updates

We are working hard to spread the word on Altrucoin and make information as accessible as possible. We have updated the videos to include timestamps for questions during AMAs and are working on producing more content next week.


CoinMarketCap had some major technical issues over this past week, which set back hundreds of applications. They are working hard to get the coins approved. We are hopeful ours gets approved soon too.

Content creation

We have been working on creating graphics and videos for major announcements to boost engagement and activity.

Regular AMAs

We are continuing our frequent Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to answer any questions that the community has. Come join us on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube to see them live. You can also watch the previous ones on our YouTube channel.



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