Altrucoin Week 2 Recap

We recently finished up the second week since launch at Altrucoin. We’ve been working hard to set things up, and are starting to see some of the results from the previous week. We’ll continue going forward on marketing and are starting some more development projects for the token. Below is a recap of some of the major updates from week 2:


We know how important big names can be in the world of crypto and advertising. We were featured on multiple TikTok and Twitter accounts, and are looking forward to working with more influencers. We are planning some big things with partners on YouTube as well, which the community is very excited for.


We got listed on CoinGecko! We also have several more listings that we are working with, including CoinMarketCap. Applications have already been submitted for many, and we are researching into others.

Security Audit

Although we had passed an initial audit and had countless members look over our contract in depth, we wanted to make sure that we had a fully complete audit on the record. We worked with TechRate Security and passed the audit, which you can find on our site.

Charity Voting

The community spent week one voting, and the results are in! Altrucoin is donating $10,000 to WildlifeSOS to help rescue and rehabilitate wildlife that is in distress. We are super excited to help and couldn’t have done it without our community members. This next cycle will focus on charities that address mental health, as suggested by our discord members.


Our second major giveaway finished earlier this week, with $1750 worth of Altrucoin given away. Our team was especially excited to choose some of the winners from Reddit submissions. We had creative graphics, hilarious memes, and even a pricing tool developed by one of our members. We will be hosting more in the future, so stay tuned on our social media.

LLC Establishment

While not quite as exciting as some of the other announcements, the legal establishment of Altrucoin is just as important. Having a legal entity makes donations easier, brings investment opportunities, and helps establish trust.


After polling the community, we dedicated the last push to purely marketing. With those stones set in motion, in week two we were able to have our dedicated developers get back onto some of the development projects that we want to continue. This includes the staking feature, which we hope to give an early look at soon. They will be hard at work creating, checking for bugs, and testing before the eventual launch. Make sure to join our Telegram and Twitter for updates and sneak peaks!

Content creation

We have been working on creating graphics and videos for major announcements to boost engagement and activity.

Regular AMAs

We are continuing our frequent Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to answer any questions that the community has. Come join us on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube to see them live. You can also watch the previous ones on our YouTube channel.



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